Struggling with high health care costs?

    Contracted care to employers to provide the same high quality care at affordable costs on a larger scale
    ReforMedicine is a direct pay family practice medical clinic located in Eau Claire,WI, providing flat fee doctor visits and lab tests for thousands throughout Western Wisconsin since 2011.

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    Welcome to ReforMedicine!

    ReforMedicine (pronounced Reform Medicine) is a direct pay family medicine clinic headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a second location in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Dr. David Usher founded the practice in 2011 and since that time has served patients with high quality care at very affordable prices – typically at least 50% less expensive than insurance-based practices.

    Whether you’re seeking a new family clinician where you won’t feel rushed, a great value solution for your out of pocket health care costs, or a medical professional to help you achieve better health through weight loss, ReforMedicine is the place for you and your family.

    The clinic welcomes patients of all ages whether you have medical insurance or not and keeps costs low by collecting payment for services the day of services. Our practice does not bill insurance companies and some people even refer to the practice as the “cash pay” clinic, or cash discount doctor. ReforMedicine also provides contracted direct primary care services for employers and employee groups through near site and on-site clinic agreements.

    Our Family Practice Physicians and clinicians see patients of all ages for nearly any non-emergency care. Well child checks, physicals, routine tests and procedures, acute illness or injury, and more are provided every day at ReforMedicine.

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    Medical Weight Loss

    Experience success and lasting results when you work with a doctor specializing in weight loss medicine.
    Medical Weight Loss

    A better way to healthcare.

    • Better access to your doctor, a primary care physician
    • Up to 50% savings compared to insurance based medical practices
    • Exceptional care from experienced and friendly physicians


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