Direct Primary Care

What is a Primary Care Provider?

ReforMedicine is a Primary Care Provider. But what is a primary care provider? A Primary Care Provider (PCP) is generally a Family Practice Physician or Family Nurse Practitioner who provides comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages with all sorts of conditions.  When...

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Get Enough Sleep? Maybe You Need Improved Sleep Hygiene? Promotion of regular sleep is known as Sleep Hygiene. Lack of sleep and lack of quality sleep is a problem faced by many adults and teens in our area as well as across the nation. How do you sleep?  Some signs of sleep...

At Home Sleep Studies

At Home Sleep Study with ReforMedicine. Patients sometimes forgo sleep studies because they expect that the experience will be very inconvenient and cost thousands of dollars. ReforMedicine offers at home sleep studies with the ARES Watermark equipment for $495 (June 2017...

Direct Primary Care: An Innovative Alternative to Conventional Health Insurance

An Innovative Alternative for Employers, Patients, and Health Care Providers: Direct Primary Care ReforMedicine SC and ReforMDirect are part of the Direct Primary Care movement that is growing in popularity around the nation. In 2014 the Heritage Foundation published a report on...

Why Direct Primary Care?

Why would a company choose Direct Primary Care with ReforMedicine? An idea that’s gaining in popularity for a number of reasons is Direct Primary Care for employers, which is sometimes called on-site clinic or near-site clinic. When an employer provides direct primary care,...