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ReforMedicine Hiring for Two New Full Time Positions

ReforMedicine is hiring for two NEW Full Time positions: A Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Please read the full position descriptions and apply via,-WI-jobs.html

The Election and ReforMedicine

What does the outcome of the presidential election mean for ReforMedicine? The short answer is that the outcome of the election will have very little, if any, effect on ReforMedicine or the manner in which the Direct Pay Primary Care Clinic, Medical Weight Loss, or ReforMDirect...

Direct Primary Care: An Innovative Alternative to Conventional Health Insurance

An Innovative Alternative for Employers, Patients, and Health Care Providers: Direct Primary Care ReforMedicine SC and ReforMDirect are part of the Direct Primary Care movement that is growing in popularity around the nation. In 2014 the Heritage Foundation published a report on...

Why Direct Primary Care?

Why would a company choose Direct Primary Care with ReforMedicine? An idea that’s gaining in popularity for a number of reasons is Direct Primary Care for employers, which is sometimes called on-site clinic or near-site clinic. When an employer provides direct primary care,...

Lyme Disease Cases Increase This Summer

Suspect Lyme Disease? Contact ReforMedicine. The ReforMedicine office has seen a pronounced increase in the number of Lyme Disease cases each summer. We encourage you to be on the lookout for ticks and visit our office if you think you may have been exposed to the bacteria...