Nearly all providers at ReforMedicine are available to prescribe contraceptives and birth control for patients. If this is a personal concern for you be sure to mention it at the time of setting your appointment.

Individually, Dr. Usher himself views fertility and human reproduction as a natural process that promotes healthy relationships and families. He recommends Natural Family Planning as the healthiest means of managing and understanding a couple’s fertility. Anyone can be taught to use this natural method. More information can be obtained by visiting the Diocese of La Crosse Natural Family Planning page.

Dr. Usher does not prescribe artificial birth control methods. Most artificial forms of so-called “contraception” (pills, rings, IUDs, implants) carry a risk of acting as “abortifacients” or abortion-causing agents. As a member of the Catholic Medical Association, Dr. Usher is committed to protecting all human life, from conception to natural death.


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