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“I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in years. I love my new way of life and highly recommend Dr. Usher to anyone wishing to lose weight.”

Losing weight may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.  It does NOT have to be complicated! It is not simply taking in fewer calories than you consume.  A calorie is not necessarily a calorie–different types of food calories affect weight in different ways. ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss will teach you how.

Your weight is just a small part of the big picture.

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired?  If you are carrying excess weight you are probably aware that it is associated with a host of health problems, many of which have no obvious symptoms.  Extra weight is hard on the body’s systems from the skeleton to cardiovascular systems, and the digestive system.  Many overweight people find themselves eventually diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive problems, and arthritis.  A healthy weight management program will not only result in weight loss, but can also improve the indicators of good health:  blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, resting pulse, stamina, joint function, digestion, quality of sleep, and overall well-being.

Medically supervised weight loss programs can work for everyone.

The program is customized to take into account your medical profile and health history, food likes and dislikes, your time schedule, emotional and motivating factors and any unique challenges.  The main focus of the program is health improvement and in the process of improving your health you will lose weight steadily and safely.

Begin Today.

Once you’ve made the commitment to lose weight and begin the journey toward better health the first step is to schedule an initial appointment. The first appointment includes a significant amount of time with the clinician and includes testing, consultation about your individual issues and goals, and development of a plan that works for your life and delivers results.  For Medical Weight Loss Policy information click here.

$390 Initial appointment includes:

  • Physical & Lab Tests

    Most patients agree that the Welcome Appointment is the most comprehensive physical they have ever experienced. We start out with medical tests including blood tests, body composition, EKG, and an overall physical. This is done both to ensure that your health is always a priority and also to provide benchmarks for measuring progress as you experience success.

    Your Initial Medical Weight Loss Consult includes:
    -Physical Exam
    -Detailed Body Composition Analysis
    -Initial Fasting Lab including:
    ---->Cholesterol Panel
    ---->Fasting Blood Sugar (glucose)
    ---->Chem Panel
    ---->Thyroid Levels (TSH and Free Thyroxine)
    ---->Complete Blood Count

    The price of the initial consult also includes follow up lab after 10% weight loss and at goal weight.
  • Dietary Recommendations

    ReforMedicine provides dietary recommendations for safe, rapid fat loss. Besides the physical aspects of weight loss medicine, we spend significant time during your welcome visit talking about past dieting, daily routine, life stress, and other potential obstacles. We talk about goals and quality of life issues that can be improved by losing weight.
  • Planning

    We conclude the Welcome Appointment by creating a plan individualized to you. The plan might include specific meals and exercise, diet changes, prescription management, possible meal replacements, and other activities and tools that are the best fit for your weight loss success. A schedule for follow up appointments will also be identified at this time.


Most weight loss patients require monthly progress appointments for medication management, support, and plan adjustments as they experience success. Reduced prescriptions, documenting improvements, and talking through stumbling blocks to find workable solutions are a big part of these visits. The visits are likely to include an exam, EKG, and body composition analysis. If routine lab updates are required, they are completed during the progress appointments.

Patients starting out with Medical Weight Loss will schedule:

-->New patient visit for Medical Weight Loss ($390) no other discounts

-->Follow Up Visit at end of week 1 with doctor or nurse practitioner ($95)

-->Follow Up Visit at end of week 4 with doctor or nurse practitioner ($95), continue monthly as needed

-->*Optional* Can add weekly weigh ins with Medical Assistant (3 for $30, no other discounts)


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