No. ReforMedicine accepts patients. ReforMedicine keeps costs low by collecting payment directly for services provided.

Your private insurance company may reimburse you for out of pocket expenses, but as a patient, you would need to seek that reimbursement from your carrier directly. We will provide a properly coded receipt that you may submit to your private insurance carrier if you wish.

Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries may not submit claims for reimbursement.

Patients in need of Prescription (Rx) refill orders from their provider should call ReforMedicine at 715-514-2827 and press "2" for our refill service.

The providers at ReforMedicine have opted out of any participation in Medicare/Medicaid. We have Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries sign a private contract for care that will allow them to see us for their primary care needs if they wish. Under that private contract, Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries are bound to NOT submit any of ReforMedicine charges to Medicare/Medicaid for reimbursement. ReforMedicine will not request any reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid either. Your Medicare/Medicaid coverage is still valid at any and all health care institutions that accept it, for all your other needs.

Payment is required at the time of service. We will accept cash, checks, and also payment by Visa, Mastercard debit or credit cards and Discover cards.

Yes, but due to the effort required to order tests, obtain the results, and interpret the results, if a ReforMedicine doctor orders a test at an outside facility that ReforMedicine offers in-house, we charge the same as if we performed the test(s) at ReforMedicine.

ReforMedicine typically keeps a few same day and next day appointments open for conditions needing prompt attention, but these must be scheduled by phone and fill quickly.  Often patients with an urgent need to see a doctor can be accommodated the same day or the next day. Walk in appointments are not available.

ReforMedicine Direct Pay Family Practice services are open to anyone who wishes to be seen in the direct-pay practice model. No referral is needed.

Yes! Being 65 and older often comes with more medical complexity, we charge $170 for physicals in this age group. Like the Level 2 appointments, this includes a single Tier 1 lab test. Additional lab testing is extra, but still priced at the same low rates.

As primary care providers, ReforMedicine can refer you to a specialist if you need one. Many conditions and illnesses can be successfully treated by a Family Practice clinician helping to manage all aspects of one’s health is an important part of serving patients well. If your insurance directs you to one specialist or another, ReforMedicine will be happy to make that referral for our patients.

As with a specialist referral, if additional testing is recommended by one of our providers, you will be referred where it makes best financial sense for you based on your needs, insurance coverage, etc.

ReforMedicine is an office-based practice only.  Many of the hospitals in the region offer hospitalist service or have doctors on-call to take care of hospitalized patients. While ReforMedicine physicians don’t make inpatient rounds, they can help coordinate your care after discharge. Local hospitals can make information related to your hospital stay available quite quickly for the ReforMedicine doctor to review with you at your follow up visit.

Nearly all providers at ReforMedicine are available to prescribe contraceptives and birth control for patients. If this is a personal concern for you be sure to mention it at the time of setting your appointment.

Individually, Dr. Usher himself views fertility and human reproduction as a natural process that promotes healthy relationships and families. He recommends Natural Family Planning as the healthiest means of managing and understanding a couple’s fertility. Anyone can be taught to use this natural method. More information can be obtained by visiting the Diocese of La Crosse Natural Family Planning page.

Dr. Usher does not prescribe artificial birth control methods. As a member of the Catholic Medical Association, Dr. Usher is committed to protecting all human life, from conception to natural death.

Chronic pain is a complex problem, usually requiring a specialist to best manage it.  Opioid medications are potentially very dangerous and are best managed by doctors specializing in chronic pain. ReforMedicine does not treat chronic pain with opioids nor will ReforMedicine clinicians refill any prescription for chronic or long-term opioids for any patient for any reason or under any circumstance. Patients with chronic conditions can seek treatment at ReforMedicine, but medications classified as opioids will not be utilized for treatment.

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