ReforMDirect provides near-site and on-site clinic services for employers in Western Wisconsin.

ReforMDirect is INDEPENDENT and provides employers the opportunity to "OWN" their primary care.

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ReforMDirect provides near-site and on-site clinic services for employers in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley Area.
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ReforMDirect is NOT Insurance

ReforMDirect is a primary care membership program for employers to provide high quality primary care in which employees are encouraged to utilize ReforMedicine clinic in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Hudson, Wisconsin, for any primary care need. Employees have low or no out of pocket cost nor any limit to in-office appointments. Employees have priority access to high quality, independent, primary care. Employers pay a fixed per member per month rate for this service which reduces the number of claims on health insurance.

Near-Site and On-Site Clinic Employer Services

ReforMDirect plans are designed for employers with groups of 10 or more indiviuals participating in the membership benefit. RefoMedicine is NOT insurance, but is often paired with insurance as part of a comprehensive health benefits offering.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gold and Platinum Membership includes all office visits and access to deeply discounted labs and services. Employers may design their plan to cover some or all labs and other services. There is no pre-set limit to the number of office visits by the members and utilization is encouraged. ReforMedicine clinics should be used as a first call for all non-emergency care needs by your membership group. See the chart below for membership options and what is included.

ReforMedicine is a family practice clinic with providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. All of these providers can see patients of all ages for everything from wellness physicals, care for chronic conditions, and any non-emergency issue. ReforMedicine provides prompt care for sudden (but non-emergency) illness or injury. Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that ReforMedicine can help with nearly any lab test or immunization, ADHD, anxiety and depression, dermatological issues, arthritis, asthma, orthopedic injuries, addiction, sports and DOT physicals, migraine, ingrown toenail removal, and all kinds of chronic disease such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, sleep issues and so many more.

There are times when a patient needs require a type of test or service not available at ReforMedicine. ReforMDirect works with each individual employer group to develop a protocol for needed referrals which utilizes that employer's transparency tools or preferred network.

If your plan includes an HSA (Health Savings Account), you should visit with your tax consultant and accounting staff about setting a fair market office visit fee. This fee, once established, will be collected by ReforMedicine at the time of the visit. Many companies are able to provide appointments and labs with no out of pocket cost for the employees and beneficiaries.

Employees, their spouses, and their dependents are eligible to participate in your membership plan. The minimum group size of 10 can consist of any mix of these individuals (it does not need to include a minimum of 10 employees). The ReforMDirect membership is independent of insurance and may include individuals who participate in your health insurance plan, those who do not, or a portion of both.

ReforMedicine providers utilize value prescriptions whenever possible. We work with your preferred provider for necessary prescriptions filling.

ReforMDirect membership is independent of insurance. Employers do not need to offer insurance to offer ReforMDirect. ReforMDirect works with companies and organizations that have no insurance, those that have high deductible health plans, fully insured clients, and self-insured organizations to provide high value primary care to their beneficiaries.

The short answer is NO. As long as your group meets the minimum number of members (10 for most plans), you can purchase ReforMDirect for whatever mix of employees and beneficiaries makes sense for your company.

No. There is no pre-qualification needed for your group to become members of ReforMDirect. During the proposal process we may ask for some information about your group and members in general because some plans have age-banded pricing. Employees and beneficiaries are all eligible to participate in ReforMDirect.

No. January 1 is the most popular date to begin, but we can begin the agreement whenever it makes sense for your group.

ReforMedicine understands that change can be a challenge to implement. Our dedicated partnership development coordinator will work closely with you to educate, welcome, and encourage your team to utilize this benefit. We have some tried and true strategies to encourage utilization.

Partnering with ReforMDirect allows employers to experience a greater sense of control and ownership over their benefits offering, while providing an outstanding value of care for their most valuable assets--their people. We invite you to learn more about partnering with ReforMDirect and taking ownership of your primary care.

ReforMedicine and ReforMDirect are INDEPENDENT. What does that mean and why is it important?

  • ReforMedicine is not affiliated with any vertically integrated health system or network. Our primary care services are not a feeder for any system's specialist services.
  • Our loyalties are to our patients and our contracted employer clients.
  • We do not accept insurance of any kind for payment for any services provided at ReforMedicine.
  • Referrals to specialist care are based upon the patient's medical need.
  • ReforMDirect works with employers to outline a referral protocol based on the employer's transparency/advocacy provider or network to provide the highest value care in terms of cost and outcomes to their employees needing a referral.
  • ReforMedicine providers have extra time to spend with patients and and to hear all patient concerns; this allows the opportunity to better help analyze, diagnose, and treat a vast majority of issues.
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ReforMDirect for Employers
Plan Options

PMPM=Per Member Per Month, FFS=Fee For Service

Service Description Bronze
Lowest PMPM rate+ FFS monthly invoicing
Low PMPM rate + FFS monthly invoicing
Age-Banded pricing PMPM
Age Banded pricing PMPM
Employer pays published fee for Fee For Service (FFS) pricing for every visit
Choice of ReforMedicine providers
Access to any ReforMedicine clinic location
No charge or low charge office visit fee for members
Priority access to provider appointments
Onsite biometrics and flu shot services
Marketing support to encourage utilization of ReforMedicine
Dedicated Partnership Coordinator to continually support integration of your overall benefit offering with ReforMedicine
All member office visits no extra charge for employers
All member preventive labs and immunizations pass-through to employer AT REFORMEDICINE'S COST
All member acute and chronic labs pass-through to employer AT REFORMEDICINE'S COST AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
Significantly discounted lab test rates for employee out-of-pocket
Customized data reporting
Level monthly billing
Individual Medical Weight Loss program available at  discount for members
Individual Medical Weight Loss program available at no extra charge for employers
Mental Health Counseling appointment at ReforMedicine at no additional charge for employers

Minimum group size and minimum agreement term will apply. Services marked AVAILABLE are optional additions to the membership plan. The out of pocket cost for your beneficiaries to utilize the clinic is determined by your plan design. Find current Fee For Service pricing listed on our website

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What Do Patients Have to Say?

Employees who participate in near site clinic services through their employer overwhelmingly love the service. Patients continue to give us high ratings and leave us positive comments like these:
Very thorough, absolutely fantastic!
Awesome staff! Made me feel like I've known them forever!!
Great customer service, definitely coming back.
Love that my work provides services for us with ReforMedicine!
The staff are knowledgeable and caring and want to help find a solution. I've always been able to get in the same day or the next day when calling for an appointment.
It's so easy to set up appointments-they have lots of availability in their hours. I love that I can just email the doctor (or practitioner) through their portal about an issue and they quickly respond with either a solution or ask more questions-they have been very responsive!
ReforMedicine responds to my needs quickly with the same day appointments and friendly knowledgeable staff. They were able to provide me with the new shingles vaccine when other facilities wanted to place me on a waiting list due to a shortage.
I found ReforMedicine to be easy to work with and quick to get into. Dr. Westphal offered me some great advice on my condition which I would not have otherwise known about. Very nice to have low cost visits!

ReforMedicine in the News

News Articles and Blogs of Interest for Employers Considering Direct Primary Care

Avoiding a cascade of tests (and costs)

This article in the Washington Post covers a common experience patients have, one medical checkup leading to a cascade of tests (and costs). Direct Primary Care (such as ReforMedicine) appointments generally spend more time with patients up front allowing clinicians to take the time with the patient up front which can help avoid this negative experience. Click here for the article.

Transparency on Health Pricing

The author of "The Grassroots Healthcare Revolution," John Torinus, writes a blog that we follow. This article on his blog goes into transparency and as a direct pay practice with clearly published pricing, we agree that transparency is a real key in helping patients make informed choices with regard to their healthcare.  Click here for the article.

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