Near-site and on-site clinic services by ReforMedicine, ReforMDirect

Partnering Directly with Employers

Near-site and on-site clinic services (Direct Primary Care DPC) by ReforMedicine

  • Affordable, accessible, and exceptional primary care

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective care that can save employers 20-55% on their total healthcare spend

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Near-site and on-site clinic services by ReforMedicine, ReforMDirect

Partnering Directly with Employers

  • Affordable, accessible, and exceptional primary care

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective care that can save employers 20-55% on their total healthcare spend

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What makes ReforMDirect your BEST choice?

ReforMDirect is

We share your goals including working to be your first line of defense against downstream costs.

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Multiple clinics.
Multiple providers.

Your beneficiaries can access ANY of our near-site clinic locations and providers.

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Medical Weight Loss

Most chronic conditions are driven by the epidemic of overweight and obesity.

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We are not a hospital-owned clinic. Our primary care doctors work for you. Our goal is to keep patients healthy and OUT of the hospital.

More time for patients to be seen AND HEARD. This means fewer unnecessary referrals and fewer unnecessary tests...and patients LOVE it.

Independent directly-contracted primary care is proven to reduce costs of:

  • Emergency Room
  • Urgent Care
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Specialty Care
  • Surgery
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Hospitalizations

Saving employers 20-55% on their OVERALL health spend.

Our independence allows us to partner directly with you and your beneficiaries for better health outcomes and a healthier bottom line.

The 2nd largest expense for most companies

Investing in Independent Advanced Primary Care with ReforMDirect can lower your overall healthcare spend by 20-55% and provide a greater return on investment.

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Health Care: The second largest expense for most companies

We can help you get a Return on Investment (ROI) when you work with ReforMDirect, a valuable and trusted vendor partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • On-site or near-site clinics with ReforMedicine include all of our outpatient primary care provider services including Unlimited access to:
    • Preventive care
    • Acute care
    • Chronic disease management
      • Diabetes
      • High blood pressure
      • Obestiy
      • Asthma
      • Thyroid, arthritis, sleep, and more
    • DOT physicals
    • Pediatric care
    • Women’s health
  • Labs at wholesale prices passed through to employer ($4.00 vs. $200.00), no blood draw fees
  • Vaccines passed through at wholesale prices — no mark up, no administration fees
  • Medical Weight Loss — addressing the pandemic of 72% overweight and obesity rates. This is OUR SIGNATURE SERVICE
  • Procedures including:
    • Skin biopsy
    • Endometrial biopsy
    • EKG
    • Spirometry
    • Home sleep studies
    • And more!
  • Partnership
  • Data to support your ongoing high value primary care commitment
  • Marketing support to promote utilization and engagement of your beneficiaries
  • Educational presentations to inform and engage your beneficiaries
    • Benefits meetings
    • Newsletters
    • Lunch and learns

ReforMedicine is a family practice clinic with providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. All of these providers can see patients of all ages for everything from wellness physicals, care for chronic conditions, and any non-emergency issue. ReforMedicine provides prompt care for sudden (but non-emergency) illness or injury. Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that ReforMedicine can help with nearly any lab test or immunization, ADHD, anxiety and depression, dermatological issues, arthritis, asthma, orthopedic injuries, addiction, sports and DOT physicals, migraine, ingrown toenail removal, and all kinds of chronic disease such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, sleep issues and so many more.

There are times when a patient needs require a type of test or service not available at ReforMedicine. ReforMDirect works with each individual employer group to develop a protocol for needed referrals which utilizes that employer’s transparency tools or preferred network.

If your plan includes an HSA (Health Savings Account), you should visit with your tax consultant and accounting staff about setting a fair market office visit fee. This fee, once established, will be collected by ReforMedicine at the time of the visit.

Employees, their spouses, and their dependents are eligible to participate in your membership plan. The minimum group size is 10 adult members. The ReforMDirect membership is independent of insurance and may include individuals who participate in your health insurance plan, those who do not, or a portion of both.

ReforMedicine providers utilize value prescriptions whenever possible. We work with your preferred provider for necessary prescriptions filling.

ReforMDirect works well for ANY employer client with 10 or more individuals on their health plan (can include employees, spouses, and dependents).

Self-Insured or Level-Funded: Employers with these types of plans have significant flexibility to choose high value, low cost providers for all types of medical services. ReforMDirect gives you the opportunity to own your primary care. Owning your primary care allows you to control the costs, and provide access to quality care and encourage your team to use primary care often to stay well.

Fully-Insured: Employers who are fully insured find value in providing ReforMDirect membership to their team to help encourage utilization of primary care when a high deductible is in place.

No insurance: ReforMDirect membership does not need to be paired with insurance. Many employers do not offer health insurance but want to offer affordable, accessible, and exceptional primary care at low or no cost for their team.

ReforMDirect is happy to work with any health benefits consultant or broker as part of your plan design process.

The short answer is NO. As long as your group meets the minimum number of members (10 for most plans), you can purchase ReforMDirect for whatever mix of employees and beneficiaries makes sense for your company.

When you are ready to investigate ReforMDirect, the process will go like this:

  1. Introductions – a meeting with you and your benefits consultant (if applicable) to learn about your goals.
  2. Examination – The ReforMDirect team learns about your benefits, plan design, and wellness programming. If utilization data is available, price comparison data can be provided for analysis.
  3. Care plan – The ReforMDirect proposal is created specific to the client’s needs and company culture

When clients choose to contract with ReforMDirect we move into an onboarding and implementation process. ReforMDirect can begin any time and does not need to coincide with insurance renewal dates.

No. There is no pre-qualification needed for your group to become members of ReforMDirect. During the proposal process we may ask for some information about your group and members in general because some plans have age-banded pricing. Employees and beneficiaries are all eligible to participate in ReforMDirect.

No. January 1 is the most popular date to begin, but we can begin the agreement whenever it makes sense for your group.

ReforMedicine understands that change can be a challenge to implement. Our dedicated partnership development team will work closely with you to educate, welcome, and encourage your team to utilize this benefit. We help you with proven strategies to encourage utilization.

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