New Patients are Welcome at ReforMedicine Direct Pay Family Practice!

At ReforMedicine Direct Pay Family Practice, you can expect exceptional care for your entire family AND you will have transparent pricing for all appointments and services at a significant discount compared to insurance-based practices. New patients of all ages are welcome at ReforMedicine without referral.

ReforMedicine Family Physicians are residency trained, and board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. This means they have ongoing training of 50 or more hours of continuing education per year in their specialty with a wide spectrum of medical expertise and treat patients of all ages. Most of our clinicians, including Nurse Practitioners, have additional training and certifications in Family Medicine, as well. All the clinicians at ReforMedicine have a strong belief that your care provider has a responsibility to always keep in mind the whole person when making health care decisions. Managing all aspects of one’s health, therefore, is key to helping the whole person feel as well as they can. This includes physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and even financial concerns.

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ReforMedicine does not bill insurance companies, therefore, there is no insurance paperwork to fill out. As a new patient at our clinic, we will ask for some basic patient information and try to make your first visit with us as easy as possible. Click here for forms.


You will be asked to pay for your visit the day of your visit. ReforMedicine does not bill patients afterward. ReforMedicine accepts cash, checks, and Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards and Discover Card. This includes HSA debit/credit cards or Flexible Spending Account debit/credit cards.


A complete price list is posted in the ReforMedicine office and on our website for all types of officevisits, lab tests, and more. If something is not listed, please call the office for specific pricing. Click here for Medical Weight Loss pricing.

Appointment Pricing

Level 2 Appointment $135

A Level 2 appointment is the most common type of appointment at ReforMedicine.

If needed, your Level 2 appointment may include ONE “Tier 1” lab test at no additional charge (if additional tests are completed they will be charged at the published pricing rates)

  • Well child checks

  • Adult complete physicals up to age 64

  • CDL physical, insurance or other special purpose physical

  • Multiple chronic illness and condition management

  • Long term multiple medication management

  • Level 1 problem that did not go away

  • Level 1 visit plus testing not included in level 1

  • Acute or chronic illness management

  • Review of tests, labs, imaging, or consults from another clinic

Level 1 Appointment $95

A Level 1 appointment would include an office visit to care for any single one of the following issues:

  • Cold/sinus or flu

  • Bladder infection (includes urinalysis if needed)

  • Sore throat (includes rapid strep test if needed)

  • Minor eye problems such as stye or pink eye

  • Ear infections

  • Impacted ear wax (including ear flush if needed)

  • Tick & insect bites

  • Acute bronchitis

  • Skin rashes (acute illness type)

  • Pregnancy testing (includes urine pregnancy test)

  • Single issue follow up from a Level 2 visit (routine Rx refills, re-check labs, etc.)

  • Middle School/High School Sports Physicals

Lab Pricing

Tier 1 Labs $45 Each

  • Influenza swab A&B

  • Rapid Strep Test

  • Urinalysis dipstick

  • Urine pregnancy

  • A1C

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)

  • CMP (glucose + chemistries)

  • Ferritin

  • Free T4

  • INR

  • Lipid panel

  • PSA total

  • Sed Rate – ESR

  • TSH – Thyroid

  • Urinalysis AL:CR

  • Urinalysis Microscopic

  • Urinalysis w/Micro, Rflx Cx

  • Uric Acid

Additional Common Labs

  • Advanced Lipid Panel $140

  • BNP (B Type Natriuretic Peptide) $185

  • Chlamydia (urine) $55

  • Colovantage $315

  • CRP (Inflammation) $65

  • CRP HS (Cardio Risk) $80

  • D Dimer $135

  • Ferritin/Iron/TIBC $75

  • Free T3 $45

  • GGT $45

  • Gonorrhea (urine) $55

  • H. Pylori (breath) $140

  • Hepatitis C Antibody $55

  • HIV1 & 2 Screen w/RFLX $55

  • KOH Prep (fungal scraping)

  • Lyme Screen $55

  • Monospot $55

  • MRSA (Staph, nasal swab) $105

  • Pap *Age-based protocols, ask for details

  • PSA, Free & Total $70

  • Rheumatoid Factor $55

  • TB Skin Test – PPD $46

  • Testosterone total $65

  • Throat Culture $45

  • Troponin $130

  • Tissue Transglutaminase IgA, IgG $145
    (Celiac screen)

  • Urine Culture & Sensitivity $55

  • Urine 10-Panel Drug Screen $45

  • Vaginitis Panel $100

  • VDRL (syphilis screen) $55

  • Vitamin B12 $55

  • Vitamin D (25-OH) $85

If you need a lab or test not listed here, please ask our staff for pricing and availability.
Lab prices subject to change without notice.
When scheduling, please let staff know you are coming in for lab only.


Appointment scheduling is best accomplished by phone.
Online scheduling requests can be made through the secure patient portal for returning patients.
Same day and next day appointments - please call for availability.
Learn more about your options in choosing a provider when you click here.


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Looking for the WIAA Middle School and High School Sports Physical Form? Find it here.


Failure to cancel an appointment for which you do not show up will require you to prepay (cash/credit/debit card only) for your next office visit before another appointment is scheduled. *Medical Weight Loss patient no-show policy can be viewed here (click to mwl forms)

Medicard/Medical Assistance/Badgercare patients, by law, may not seek reimbursement from insurance for care provided at ReforMedicine, S.C.

Failure to pay your entire bill at the time of service will incur a $35 accounts receivable management fee and future office visits will be required to be pre-paid (cash/credit/debit card only) before another appointment will be scheduled.

Writers of returned checks will be charged a $35 processing fee.

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