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Instructions for patient portal access
Evisit diagram guide for NSC smaller file

Convenient Access to Your Health Information

Secure Online Patient Portal

Use the secure online patient portal to:

  • Participate in an E-Visit

  • Send a secure message to your provider's office

  • View your test results

  • View a summary of your visits

  • Request a prescription refill

  • Make a secure appointment request

Activate YourHealthFile Patient Portal Account

  1. You will receive an email to update/create your New Patient Portal from
  2. Click on the link that says "Click here to begin the registration process"
  3. Update your account by creating your own desired Username and Password (a green check mark will apply if available, a red X means try a different username or password)
  4. When finished be sure to click the "Update Account" button
  5. Log in with your new username and password

See below for instructional videos from NextGen on how to complete your requests.

How to participate in an E-Visit
How to request a medication refill
How to send a direct message to your provider's office
How to request an appointment
How to review medical records