Are You Suffering From or At Risk for Obesity?

ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss Program Treats the Chronic Relapsing Disease of Obesity to Improve the Way You Look & Feel

Lose weight and experience long-term success at maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle with our Medical Weight Loss program. Work with a team of Doctors (MDs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs)  and a Physician Assistant (PA-C) experienced in treating obesity.

Obesity is a disease that can successfully treated with medical intervention. Do you suffer from obesity or are you at risk for obesity? ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss Specialists clinicians are specially trained to treat obesity and help patients lose weight, learn how to control their weight, and look and feel their best.

The video at left was produced by the Obesity Medicine Association to provide a brief explanation of the disease of obesity. ReforMedicine clinicians David Usher MD, Christina Funk DNP and FNP-C, Dana Butterbrodt DNP and FNP-C, Renee Carlson DNP, FNP-C and ANP-C, and Ellen Canopy PA-C, are members of the Obesity Medicine Association. Kris Greener, Health Coach, holds a Bachelor of Science and a Certification in Health Education.

This isn’t a diet.

It’s a medical treatment program for those at risk for obesity or suffering from obesity


Begin the process with a targeted physical exam and blood tests to guide your specific treatment plan and benchmarking for future results.


Learn about nutrition and the science behind how our bodies metabolize certain nutrients. Learn the reasons behind the changes you’ll be making.


Patients begin to experience progress very quickly once they begin the program. Universally, patients report measurable results within the first week.


Monthly appointments provide the support you need to adjust and reduce medications, monitor your health, and help you reach your goals.

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ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss Program brochure
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Medical Weight Loss is for ANYONE

  • Under the care of a physician or a nurse practitioner, everyone can experience success. Patients with chronic conditions are welcome and the doctor or nurse practitioner will monitor your conditions and medications as part of this program.

  • ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss is different and it works.

  • ReforMedicine teaches you the reasons why you are doing what you're doing and takes willpower out of the picture.

  • Patients often say, "I'm not hungry, I can eat normal food, and I can maintain this new way of living even with an extremely busy schedule."

Frequently Asked Questions

The Medical Weight Loss Program at ReforMedicine offers bundled pricing. The enrollment fee includes three lab draws, the welcome appointment with a Medical Assistant, EKG, Body Composition Analysis, a Medical Weight Loss Provider Appointment, and at least two Health Coach Appointments. In addition to the start-up labs, the enrollment fee also includes the labs that will be drawn at 10% weight loss and at the best achieved weight. The enrollment fee bundle cost is $725 and will be due in full at the time you register for the program. After the enrollment period is through, the monthly cost for Medical Weight Loss Provider visits is $110 per appointment, and Health Coach appointments are $50 each as long as you are in the active weight loss phase of the program. If you choose to utilize prescriptions medicine for weight loss, the cost is additional and starts at $15 per month.  There are no required products to buy, contracts, or hidden costs to the ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss Program. You pay as you go for the appointments as they take place after the enrollment fee.

Medical Weight Loss patients always see one of the providers who specializes in the program. The five individuals include: Dr. Usher, Christina Funk, Dana Toenies, Renee Carlson, and Ellen Canopy. Kristine Greener is the Health Coach you will see. Patient may continue to see the same provider throughout their treatment or see any one of them interchangeably according to the patient's schedule, provider availability, or patient preferences. All providers administer the same program and share the philosophy of the Obesity Medicine Association in regards to treating those at risk for or suffering from Obesity.

Some patients do opt to use weight loss medications if medically eligible, however it is not a required part of the program. One significant benefit of ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss is that you see a healthcare provider (MD or NP) for each visit to monitor your health status over time, meaning any regular medicines can be adjusted at any appointment as your health conditions improve. If you take prescriptions for chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or others our medical staff monitors and adjusts these monthly.

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People considering the Medical Weight Loss Program sometimes ask why the cost of the enrollment is more than the follow ups. The reason is simple, starting up the program is a very thorough process which involves multiple appointments, labs, and tests. Weight loss patients are scheduled for a series of appointments with a Medical Assistant, with a Medical Weight Loss Provider, and with a Health Coach and have a significant number of non-invasive lab and other tests completed as part of the comprehensive approach to treatment. A great deal of the time is spent covering the many factors that can put you at risk for obesity and share the plan and strategies you will be using to reduce your risk and begin to make real progress losing weight. We review any other chronic conditions you may have or be at risk for, any medications you are on, and look for any other issues that may be contributing to your risk factors. We also spend significant time teaching you in a one-on-one setting about the changes you will be making and how to best implement them for lasting success. In addition to the initial appointments, your enrollment fee also includes the cost of follow up labs at 10% weight loss and the best achieved weight. The enrollment fee also includes the cost of four health coach appointments while you are active in the Medical Weight Loss program (see brochure for details).

While a patient is active in the Medical Weight Loss Program, two appointments will be scheduled each month. A monthly appointment with a Medical Weight Loss Provider will be scheduled at the cost of $110 per visit and a monthly appointment will be scheduled with the Health Coach at no additional fee while you are active in the Medical Weight Loss Program.

If you choose medical weight loss prescription medications the cost for these will be in addition and around $15 per month. Once you are nearing your goal weight, the Medical Weight Loss staff will work with you to make a long term plan for ongoing success.

Everyone who follows the Medical Weight Loss Program experiences weight loss success and each patient determines how quickly or how steadily the results appear. Our medical staff is here to help you if you hit plateaus, experience setbacks, or want to safely accelerate your results.

The Medical Weight Loss program at ReforMedicine is designed for adults aged 18 and older who are at risk for or suffering from obesity. ReforMedicine has had patients who wish to lose 20 pounds participate in the program and numerous success stories who have lost 50 lbs., 75 lbs., and more than 100 lbs.

ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss is not a contract for care. Most patients choose to participate in the program with monthly check ups because it provides the best results. Everyone progresses at different rates, so ReforMedicine doesn't predict how long it will take to reach your individual goal. Once you reach your weight loss goal, ReforMedicine has a number of options available for maintaining your new lifestyle and you can choose the model that works best for you. Refer to the Medical Weight Loss Policies with regard to re-start fees. For obvious reasons, ReforMedicine discourages a start-stop pattern.

Our program does not routinely involve any kind of surgery. At times our patients will experience weight loss similar to surgical approach, but with far less expense, risk, or potential for complications. Rarely, we will refer to bariatric surgery for the patient who continues to struggle despite our intensive approach.

ReforMedicine Medical Weight Loss Specialists

Five clinicians and a Health Coach at ReforMedicine specialize in Medical Weight Loss.
David J. Usher MD ReforMedicine Family Practice Physician

David J Usher


Dr. Usher started the Medical Weight Loss program in 2011 after 8 years as the medical director of a medical weight loss program at a large clinic in Eau Claire, WI. He is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Christina Funk NP ReforMedicine

Christina Funk


Christina Funk is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and joined the weight loss team in 2015. She has specialized in the field of obesity medicine through her doctoral work in collaboration with ReforMedicine and the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Christina is a member of and a Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Renee Carlson NP ReforMedicine Cardinal Healthy

Renee Carlson


Renee Carlson joined the ReforMedicine team of clinicians in 2016 and became a full-time provider in 2017. She sees patients at the Eau Claire ReforMedicine clinic several days each week and is also stationed at an on-site clinic for the Chippewa Falls Area School District several days each week.

Dana Butterbrodt NP ReforMedicine

Dana Butterbrodt


Dana Butterbrodt is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and joined the weight loss team in 2017. She has developed her specialized knowledge through the Obesity Medicine Association.

Ellen Canopy Physician Assistant ReforMedicine

Ellen Canopy


Ellen Canopy is a board certified Physician Assistant and joined the weight loss team in 2019. She has developed her specialized knowledge through the Obesity Medicine Association.

Kristine Greener Certified Health Coach ReforMedicine

Kristine Greener


Kris Greener is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Health Coach at ReforMedicine. You will get the opportunity to meet with Kris as part of the medical weight loss program. Kris joined the team in 2019 and is excited to help you on your wellness journey

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